Clean, green and safe

You always tell us one of the reasons you love living here is because you are always close to open spaces, great walks and open countryside. We have continued to invest in the things you love.

More investment in our parks and open spaces

  • The borough’s parks and open spaces have been maintained and enhanced. Our parks continue to win coveted Green Flag awards.

Improving and protecting our leisure facilities

  • We have secured the future of our cherished leisure facilities. Coral Reef, Downshire Golf Club and the Bracknell Leisure Centre are all run by a specialist leisure firm.
  • We have continued to invest in our lesiure - with improvements to Coral Reef and the Leisure Centre, creating new parks and open spaces and investing over £2.6m in creating a new Country Park at Horseshoe Lakes.   
  • We insist that ALL new housing developments provide amazing new spaces and you only have to visit the new parkland at Bucklers Park in Crowthorne to that in action

Improving Recycling and

  • We have maintained high rates of recycling and provided donations to local good causes. We have renewed our fleet of bin lorries to take advantage of future changes in waste and recycling.

Recorded crime has remained low.

Road traffic accidents are the lowest ever recorded.

Replaced all our street lights with LEDs

  • We have introduced more efficient LED street lighting for greater safety, low running costs and low carbon footprint.
  • You have helped identify where the initial installations need adjusting and we have a team dedicated to adjusting the lighting for local conditions.