Strong Communities

The 2017 residents survey said 90% of respondents indicated that they were satisfied with their local area as a place to live, This was an increase since 2014 (87%).

  • Supporting our Community Centres

    • We have maintained support for our local community centres.
  • Enhancing and investing in our library network -

    • We have not closed any libraries.
    • All our libraries have had investment to improve services and can be accessed for longer each day.
  • Protecting communitiy identity

    • We have continued to recognise the need for maintaining each community’s own identity and separation from each other within our local plan.
  • Improving our rail service

    • We continued to drive for improvements in the Reading to Waterloo train services and prevented the downgrading of Martins Heron station.
  • Securing extra investment

    • We have won over £20m in government funding for local transport initiatives such as at Coral Reef on A322, the dualing of the A329 Downshire Way, and for the future A3095 improvements.
  • Working with Partners

    • Working with organisations like Silva Homes we have provided 271 additional parking spaces.
  • Better Bus Servies

    • We have introduced evening and Sunday Bus services on Council funded routes.