Homes and home ownership

The need for more homes has not reduced in recent years, it has increased. We created a strong local plan to control where housing can go and to ensure the right infrastructure accompanied development. We began updating our plan in order to ensure our planning policies remain effective, and deliver the right housing in the right place, and protect our unique communities.


Delivering more affordable home

  • We have delivered affordable homes for people seeking the rented option and also those starting out on home ownership.
  • When we transferred our council homes to Bracknell Forest Homes (now Silva) we committed to providing 250 new affordable homes from the proceeds. We actually provided 487 families with an affordable home including low cost home ownership

Helping reduce homelesness

  • We have reduced the number of households needing homeless accommodation by using effective measures to help them avoid homelessness in the first place.
  • Delivering more accomodation to help those that face homlesness
  • For those who do become homeless, we have created homeless accommodation in the borough, so that those in B&B do not have to travel to other areas. In 2015, we had 30 families in B&B outside the borough, at the beginning of 2019 there were 2.

Creating Downshire Homes to invest in properties to help homeless families

  • We established Downshire Homes Limited as a company owned by the council that invests in properties for homeless families.