Keeping Bracknell Forest Prosperous

We will continue our promise to keep Bracknell Forest prosperous and thriving

We will encourage employers to see Bracknell Forest as a great place to stay and grow.

We will continue the phased regeneration of Bracknell Town Centre.

But its not just about the town centre – we will look at ways of keeping our neighbourhood centre growing and at the heart of each community

  • We delivered The Lexicon, when others said we couldn’t! Only the Conservatives stayed true to the promise we made to have “A town centre fit for the 21st Century”. We did not stop there, we have gone on to encourage more regeneration, promoting Princess Square and The Deck.
  • We promised to limit the effect of Labour’s mismanagement of our economy and the period of austerity it caused. We now have the highest employment levels IN THE COUNTRY. We worked closely with local employers, to retain them, and we encourage new businesses to come here.
  • With more people working from home and greater use of online services we secured superfast broadband.
  • The economic security of the borough depends on us having a strong Local Plan so that we have the right employment spaces and the right houses in the right place. We completed a local plan and are now preparing a new one to take us through to 2036.
  • We have secured government funding for major road improvement schemes to keep traffic moving, and make Bracknell Forest a great place to live and work.

Bracknell Forest is a great place to work and, if you are an employer, to grow. Your Conservative Council is working hard to make sure that we continue to thrive with the challenges ahead for all sectors of the economy.

We promised to deliver a regenerated town centre and with over 16m visitors in its first year, The Lexicon is a great success and something that we can all be proud of.  We think it’s a great place to work, shop, socialise and eat.  There is still a lot more to be done as the rest of the town centre phases are planned and delivered. It has been your local conservatives who have stayed committed to the development of the town centre, when others criticised we stood firm.

Our commitment to residents is to continue the Regeneration – we’ve already published our bold Vision2032 plan for the Civic Quarter and Station Quarter and over the next 4 years we will start planning the next exciting phases

Your council will be supporting the next phases of the redevelopment of “The Deck” as well as the makeover of Princess Square.  We will deliver new housing including social housing, in future schemes.   Helping the whole town centre flourish and grow and providing a rich 18 hour economy

The world of work is changing and we will continue to work closely with all our employers as they look to their futures, and we are committed to helping new companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs.  We have recently worked with a Partner to turn the old council offices at Easthampstead House as a location for creative related companies to start and grow.

Bracknell Forest has the highest employment rate in the country or put the other way around we have the lowest unemployment rate – we will ensure that Bracknell Forest remains a great place to live and work