Strong Financial Manangement

We have maintained Council Tax at the lowest possible rate and we are still one of the lowest rates in the country and we have totally transformed the way the council works and saved £11.6m of your money.

  • We are now delivering more for less.
  • We have invested your money wisely so that the income from our investments has helped ensure we can maintain services to the high standard you expect.
  • We have reduced the financial burden that things we own have on the Bracknell Forest purse by selling, leasing or contracting them out.
  • The future of Easthampstead Park Conference Centre has been secured. It will become a hotel and conference centre, but the council has retained a say in its future.
  • We created a new partnership with Everyone Active to run Coral Reef Water world, Downshire Golf Course and Bracknell Leisure Centre – which has already seen a £2.8m improvement plan of the leisure centre started.
  • We reduced costs further by closing Easthampstead House (the old council offices) and transferring everyone to Time Square. At the same time we enabled the old building to be reused to house a small business development centre.
  • We ensured that the council had money set aside for any surprises. Other local parties had criticised us for doing this. If we had listened to them your council would have run out of money. When the government funding was reduced we were able to adjust to “life on less” without the need to cut essential services.
  • We introduced a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) that gets money from the development of every qualifying house built in the area for use on providing much needed infrastructure.